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The Cambridge Checkpoint is suited for students between 11-14 years. The Curriculum of the Checkpoint was designed to cover the core content necessary to study for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). It is an innovative diagnostic testing service for International Schools.

The curriculum frame work in English, Mathematics and Science provided by CIE develops the children’s knowledge and skills, which are assessed at the end of the Programme i.e. at the end of Grade-8.

Check Point Examination

Cambridge Checkpoint test are available in English, Mathematics and Science are conducted twice every year – in April/May and October/November. Gurukuliansappear for the April/May session each year. These tests are meant for students of approximately 14 years of age studying mid-secondary curricula. These tests are set by experienced CIE examiners who are also involved in marking them. The results of these tests are reported on a standardized scale of Cambridge Checkpoint scores. Cambridge Checkpoint scores range from 0.0 (Low level of achievement) to 6.0 (High level of achievement). The average score for Cambridge Checkpoint students is about 3.0-4.0

Students are expected to answer two examinations in each subject which last an hour long each. Students are provided with a report & a statement of achievement

Uses of Checkpoint

To test the student’s strength and weakness in a subject, individually, as a part of a class, a school, and as   a whole.
To be used as a guide for selection of subjects further in the IGCSE course.
The diagnostic feedback provided by the CIE acts as a basis for action planning between students and   teachers
To compare teaching groups/centres over a period of a few years.

Subjects offered other than English, Mathematics and Science at Vishwashanti Gurukul are:



Information Technology


IGCSE Programme:-Overview

The International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) provides a broad-based curriculum for students belonging to age group of 14-16 year. It is a two-year programme and enjoys widespread international credibility.

Students appear for the IGCSE examinations conducted by CIE at the end of Grade-10. Exams are conducted twice a year i.e. in May/June and October/November. Our students appear for the May/June session.

The results of the examination held in May/June are declared during the month of August,and that of the October/November session in January

Benefits of IGCSE Programme

The core and extended levels in each subject gives the student an opportunity to choose the level according   to his/her abilities or needs

IGCSE students get ample opportunity to get direct admission in Foreign Universities based on the Grades      achieved in the IGCSE Examination.

A minimum of 5 subjects are needed for admission to local colleges / Universities (More details are available   at http://www.cie.org.uk/qualifications/recognition or at www.recognition.cie.org.uk.

Subjects Offered at VishwashantiGurukul

First Language – English

Hindi as Second Language (or) Foreign Language – French





Literature (English) (or) History (or) Economics

Business Studies (or) Information Communication Technology (ICT) (or) Art & Design Technology

Students could also opt for an additional qualification – The International Certificate of Education (ICE),    depending on the subjects they select.

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