Every Monday morning (unless it is a holiday) the school community gathers together for a morning assembly for an energetic start to the week. The assembly starts at 8:05 am. These assemblies play a role in building community across grades. Every assembly is based on a topic that is relevant to our commitment to the community and society as responsible and ethical social human beings. Led by students, Monday Morning Assembly sets the tone for the week, highlights the exciting events happening at the School and celebrates student birthdays and achievements. Necessary announcements are made by our principal, teachers or other invited guests. The assembly is concluded after the National Anthem (led by the Music department).

Essential Agreement as a Gurukulian:
The first assembly of this academic year was conducted on 11th July, 2016. The assembly was led by the Assembly Committee and the topic of the day was “Essential Agreement as a Gurukulian”. The assembly aimed to inform the students of the school’s code of conduct. The students were exhorted to lead their lives as true Gurukulians and to stay self-motivated to succeed.

Pro-activeness versus Procrastination:
The assembly on 18th of July 2016 was led by the students of Grade 11. The presentations of the day were based on the topic: “Pro-activeness versus Procrastination”. The students made a movie that reflected on how not to postpone day to day tasks and how time can be more productively used if we are prompt and pro-active.

Gurukul through my window:
The students of Grade 10 (Guru) took lead of the Assembly on 25th July, 2016. Through a beautiful skit and poem,they presented their views on the topic: “Gurukul through my window”. The presentations definitely helped the new student members of the community to learn more about Gurukul's mission and philosophy. They also presented a small video on the value of friendship.

50 shades of Freedom:
On 1st August 2016, the students of Grade 10 (Ravi) led the assembly on the topic: “50 shades of Freedom”. Celebrating Independence month, the students presented a beautiful compilation of some great Indian heroes. A heart throbbing dance performance by Grade 11 students added more flavor to the already patriotic mood. All in all, every individual sitting in the hall beamed with pride on being Indian.

The Assembly on August 8th, 2016 was based on the topic: “Tolerance”. The students of Grade 10 (Chandra) reiterated the importance of practicing tolerance towards our fellow beings through a beautiful movie directed and enacted by the students. The video on how to value the Senior citizens was a reminder to be more responsible human – beings.

Being Human:
On 22nd August, 2016, the students of Grade 9 (Ravi) celebrated the World Humanitarian Day by basing the assembly on the topic: “Being Human”. The presentation was a message to the community to understand and give to the needy before being asked to do so. The documentary on a Karnataka based NGO that fed the poor was an eye-opener to the audience to wake up to a social cause. The students also made sure that the community remembers to respect every co-being through an impactful presentation.

Words will never hurt me:
The students of Grade 9 (Guru) led the assembly on the 29th of August 2016. They chose a very important topic, viz., “Words will never hurt me”. A beautiful presentation by the students conveyed a strong message that we need to respect and regard others’ feelings. The act was a reminder that our actions and words can rip a person apart if we are not careful. At the same time, the message was loud and clear that we should never let others words affect us beyond a point and must carry on with our duties.

Letting go of the baggage:
The Assembly on September 12th, 2016 was based on the topic: “Letting go of the baggage”. The students of Grade 9 (Chandra) managed to convey a very vital message on forgiveness and how to let go of hurts through a beautiful reiterated the importance of practicing tolerance towards our fellow beings through a beautiful movie directed and enacted by the students. The soulful video on how we can be at peace if we let go of things that hurt us was an exhortation to the community to reflect on their past heartaches and to consider forgiving the ones who hurt them.

Hindi Diwas:
The students of Hindi Department led the assembly on the 19th of September 2016. They celebrated the spirit of India’s national language on account of “Hindi Diwas”. An impactful presentation by the students on how Hindi is the soul of Indian culture conveyed a strong message that we need to respect and regard others all languages and yet not forget to take pride in our roots. The message was loud and clear that a country that does not take pride in its language and literature can never progress.

Feeding Us All:
On 26th September, 2016, there was a special assembly conducted by the students of Grade 6 (MYP 1) based on the reflection of the unit they studied in their class. The unit “Feeding Us All” dealt with the topic of world hunger and starvation. The assembly aimed to sensitize the students regarding the problem of hunger which is a blot on humanity.
The students also presented to the Assembly a brief report of the Service as Action activity that they undertook in the refectory during their lunch break which enabled them to understand the hunger pangs the poor suffer from. The students recorded the wastage of food happening in the refectory, and as a matter of serving the community and spreading awareness among the school community they conducted an assembly, wherein they presented a PPT on their understanding and findings on hunger, they showed a sensitive and heart touching video revealing several facts on hunger and problems related to it. The skit performed made the audience to sit up and think on measures to solve the problem of hunger. The song of change mesmerized the students provoking to bring a change in the society.

The students could not conduct the assembly on the 3rd and 10th of October 2016 due to exams.

Men who made Indian History:
The Assembly on October 17th, 2016 was based on the topic: “Men who made Indian History”. The students of Grade 11 (History Department) reiterated the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri and APJ Abdul Kalam. The video on Gandhiji’s life was a reminder to every one seated in the Hall that the freedom we enjoy today was earned at the cost of the lives of several martyrs and that we need to respect and value this freedom. The last assembly before the Diwali Break definitely set a mood to patriotism and global peace.

Every assembly is a conscious effort to motivate the gathering to move one step closer to being a more responsible and environmentally conscious social human being who must do their bit to ensure world peace. Keep watching this space if you share the same ethos.