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IB Middle Years Programme

The MYP curriculum offers eight subject groups ensuring a strong foundation of learning experiences balancing each disciplinary boundary. The following inputs will give a concise summary of expectations and classroom procedures for each of the eight subject groups.

IGCSE Programme:-Overview

The International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) provides a broad-based curriculum for students belonging to age group of 14-16 year. It is a two-year programme and enjoys widespread international credibility.

Students appear for the IGCSE examinations conducted by CIE at the end of Grade-10. Exams are conducted twice a year i.e. in May/June and October/November. Our students appear for the May/June session.

The results of the examination held in May/June are declared during the month of August,and that of the October/November session in January

Benefits of IGCSE Programme

The core and extended levels in each subject gives the student an opportunity to choose the level according   to his/her abilities or needs

IGCSE students get ample opportunity to get direct admission in Foreign Universities based on the Grades      achieved in the IGCSE Examination.

A minimum of 5 subjects are needed for admission to local colleges / Universities (More details are available   at or at

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