7 Reasons why Pre-Schooling is important for your child?

Today’s children will be responsible for tomorrow’s world’s development, and in this development, a good learning process can shape the world into a masterstroke.
Various researches proved that 90% of the human brain is grown by the age of 5. And in making this growth progressive and profitable for the future, school plays an important role because school is the only place after parent’s guidance, which focuses on children’s holistic development. The importance of schooling helps a child in:

• Overall Development
• Physical Development
• Developing one’s personality
• Making them ready to deal with life’s situations

Pre-Schooling plays a crucial role in every children’s life because it teaches children a habit of sharing, and it also contributes to the development of learning, emotional and social skills. Here are the 7 reasons explaining why pre-schooling is important for your child:

1. Imparting both academic and social foundations for learning.

Children at a young age are highly observant and curious. In keeping this behaviour in mind Pre-School always focuses on offering various activities like offering games, tasks, problem-solving situations, etc., on making children acquire all the necessary academic and social skills.

2. It opens an opportunity for them to be in a structured setting.

Pre-Schooling creates an opportunity for children to make them used to the structured setting with their schoolmates and teachers. Like what are the important instructions that should be followed by them, when they need to raise their hands to ask anything, etc.

3. Preschool prepares children for higher academics.

Today Pre-Schools have also started focusing on the development of a child’s pre-literary and pre-math skills. This part of development draws a positive impact of learning among them, and they also get ready for elementary schools.

4. It helps in developing children both emotionally and socially.

In pre-school, children learn the manner of respecting others, solving problems, talking politely, etc. Preschool also offers a space where children gain a sense of self, builds confidence, and learns to explore. Pre-schooling makes children recognize their capability and drives them to become self-dependent.

5. Pre-school helps children answer their numerous questions.

Most of the time, children with an age of 4 or 5 ask wonderful questions like how rain occurs and many more. Pre-Schools always help in answering such, and it also encourages a sense of self-exploration and experimentation among children.

6. Children learn Numbers and Alphabets with fun.

It is important for young children to have a knowledge of Numbers and Alphabets but applying normal techniques can make it boring. But Pre-Schools always have different techniques like making students learn numbers by converting them into a game and teaching alphabets in story time, which makes learning interesting.

7. Children learn to become caring with others.

In Pre-School, teachers offer different wonderful activities like sharing their things with others, giving children a chance to explain the topic to others, and many more. Such kind of activities not only builds up a child’s confidence but it also generates a caring nature of them towards others.

Education is crucial for nurturing the cultivation of a healthy thought activity and grooming children’s cognitive skills. Only a good school has the ability to make children holistically develop to make them ready to face this competitive scenario, and in this, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul can become the right choice for parents. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is counted in the list of top international schools in Pune, and the school’s results, performances, and environment always encourage the students to fly high to make them reach the top of success.

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